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At Soloway Wright, we take pride in giving back to the people that have been such an important part of our success over the years.

As a local firm, based in Ottawa and Kingston, we are proudly connected to our communities. We support many local charitable initiatives through regular in-house fundraising and encourage the professionals and staff at Soloway Wright to stay involved in their community through everything from charity fun-runs to sitting on the Boards of their local organizations. At the heart of our firm is a desire to see our clients, their businesses, families and neighbourhoods, continue to grow in potential and prosperity.

Hollyer House: A Beacon of Hope and Community in Ottawa’s Affordable Housing Crisis

In the heart of Ottawa’s Bells Corners community stands a symbol of hope, opportunity, and love: Hollyer House. Developed by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, this housing project embodies the spirit of compassion and community support, offering a lifeline to individuals and families facing the challenges of housing insecurity…Read More

YMCA logoWe are proud to have recently made a 5-year commitment to the YMCA/YWCA and their Send a Kid to Camp program.