Strategic Advocacy.

Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation

Whether planning a new subdivision on vacant land or redeveloping a historic property in an established neighbourhood, our decades of on-the-ground experience ensure that our clients’ development projects move forward.

Our Expertise

Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation

  • Drafting municipal documents such as official plans, zoning by-laws, development charge by-laws, conservation documents etc.
  • Official plan amendments
  • Zoning by-law amendments
  • Minor variances
  • Legal non-conforming uses
  • Subdivision approval, registration and part-lot control
  • Severances/Consents including strata severances
  • Site plan control
  • Heritage and conservation issues
  • Environmental matters including wetlands, natural heritage, endangered and threatened species
  • Development charge matters including drafting development charge by-laws
  • Agreements including Development Agreements, Front Ending Agreements, Cost Sharing Agreements, and Land Owner Agreements etc.
  • Land owner group establishment and administration
  • Pit and quarry approvals
  • Expropriations
  • Municipal governance matters
  • Municipal licensing
  • Provincial offences

At Soloway Wright, we have helped private developers, land owners, construction companies, municipalities, and community groups build Ottawa, Kingston and Eastern Ontario into the leading communities they are today.

We understand not only the importance of getting your development project off the ground but in maintaining momentum throughout the project lifecycle. We work closely with our industry-leading Real Estate & Development and Litigation teams to ensure your project gets the comprehensive advice and support needed through the entire development process.

We routinely represent clients at municipal or regional councils, committees of adjustment, conservation authorities, the Board of Negotiation, the Ontario Land Tribunal (formerly the Ontario Municipal Board and Local Planning Appeal Tribunal), land division committees, tribunals, and the Ontario Superior Court or Ontario Divisional Court. As members of the Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association (GOHBA) and the Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) we are up to date on industry issues.

From the application stage, through to representation at Council and other significant committees, boards and tribunals, our Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation team prides itself on working tirelessly to find fast, efficient and practical solutions for our property development clients.

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  • Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation
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  • Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation
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  • Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation
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  • Environmental Law
  • Municipal, Land Development & Expropriation