Accessibility Standards Policy Statement

This statement is intended to meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (the “AODA”), and its regulations, establishing Accessibility Standards for Customer Service, Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation and Public Spaces in the Province of Ontario. This statement applies to the provision of services and operation of our business at all of the offices of Soloway Wright LLP.

Soloway Wright LLP strives to provide services and operate its business in a manner that respects the independence and dignity of persons with disabilities in accordance with the purpose of provisions of the AODA and its regulations. We are also committed to providing persons with disabilities equal opportunity to obtain information and communicate with the firm, engage in employment opportunities, and access our services.

Soloway Wright LLP shall provide members of the public the opportunity to provide feedback on our policies and the services provided to persons with disabilities. Any feedback can be made in-person at our reception desks, or by contacting our Accessibility Compliance Officer located at 427 Laurier Avenue West, Suite 700, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 7Y2, Telephone: 613-236-0111.

Soloway Wright LLP shall make available to persons, if requested, copies of our policies related to the Accessibility Standards established by the AODA and its regulations. Any requests should be directed to our Accessibility Compliance Officer using the contact information above.

This policy and its related procedures will be reviewed by Soloway Wright LLP, as required.



In 2005, the Ontario government passed the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, (the “AODA”). The Integrated Accessibility Standards regulations under the AODA mandates organizations to create, implement, and enforce accessibility standards to assist organizations become more accessible by the year 2025.

The Multi-Year Accessibility Plan for Soloway Wright LLP provides a comprehensive framework of the steps our organization will take to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility and to comply with AODA requirements.  


Soloway Wright LLP is committed to treating its clients, customers, and third parties with disabilities in a way that allows them to maintain their dignity and independence. We are committed to meeting the needs of people with disabilities in a timely manner and will do so by removing and preventing barriers to accessibility. We are also committed to meeting our accessibility requirements under the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005.



Soloway Wright LLP is committed to providing every individual with a disability with outstanding customer service that meets their needs. Our organization’s Accessibility Policy provides additional information of the steps we are taking to preventing and removing barriers in our work environment. We remain committed to complying with this policy and reviewing it periodically.

Feedback Process

Soloway Wright LLP welcomes feedback on how we provide accessible customer service to our clients, customers, and third parties. Client and customer feedback will help our Firm identify barriers and respond to concerns in how we provide services to individuals with disabilities.

Feedback may be provided through our website, or by calling our office.


Soloway Wright LLP is committed to meeting the communication needs of its clients and third parties with disabilities. Our organization has taken the following steps to make communications and information available in an accessible format:

  • Upon request, we provide or arrange for accessible formats and communication supports for person with disabilities in a timely manner and at a cost that is no more than the regular cost charged to other persons;
  • Consult with our clients and third parties with disabilities making the request in determining the suitability of an accessible format;
  • We will notify the public about the availability of accessible formats.


Soloway Wright LLP is committed to continuing and improving its employment practices by removing any barriers from our recruitment or retention of employees with disabilities. Our organization has taken the following steps to make its hiring and employment practices available in an accessible format:

  • Our organization notifies employees, job applicants and the public that accommodations can be made during recruitment and hiring;
  • During recruitment processes, we will notify job applicants that accommodations are available upon request and consult with individuals to provide and arrange for suitable accommodations that takes into account their accessibility needs.
Informing employees of support
  • Our organization informs its employees of its policies used to support its employees with disabilities;
  • We provide information of support to new employees as soon as practicable after they begin their employment with our organization;
  • We provide updated information to employees whenever changes are made to existing policies on the provision of job accommodations that take into account an employee’s accessibility needs due to disability.
Workplace emergency response information
  • Our organization provides individualized workplace emergency response information to employees who have a disability.
Documented individual accommodation plans
  • Our organization has developed a written process for the development of documented individual accommodation plans for employees with disabilities.
Return-to-work process
  • Our organization has developed a return-to-work process for its employees who have been absent from work due to a disability and require disability-related accommodations in order to return to work and document the process.


Soloway Wright LLP is committed to making its public spaces accessible and free of any barriers for all clients and third parties with disabilities. Our Firm will meet its AODA obligations while undertaking new construction or planned major modifications of our public spaces, like our boardrooms and waiting room.