Proud History.
Forward Thinking.

Since opening our doors in 1946, we have established a proud history of serving our clients and community. Today, we build on that history while always looking to the future for how we can best meet the needs of our clients—now and tomorrow.

In memoriam – Susan Gibson

Susan Gibson led the way for the advancement of the rights of women in the legal profession.  She was the first woman to serve as a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada, was the first woman to be named a partner at Soloway Wright and she blazed a trail for the many women who followed her.

As a child of the prairies and of earnest CCF’ers, she had a western forthrightness of character and speech. Yet she was a person of many and complementary qualities: she could be both simple and subtle; blunt and compassionate; realistic and imaginative; serious and full of fun.

Susan was a first-rate and well-respected partner at Soloway Wright, which was not necessarily an easy feat in law partnerships of that era. She played a major role in making Soloway Wright an enjoyable place to work. As a managing partner, she was open-minded and she listened to and considered all others’ points of view. She was the moral compass of the firm, demanding the highest degree of competence from all Soloway Wright lawyers and the highest standard of ethical practice.  Susan had many excellent qualities that made her an unparalleled lawyer and wonderful colleague.

Susan was a first-rate lawyer who could simplify the most complex legal issues. We are sure that she would not object if we, her old partners and clients, say one last time that to us she was a woman both lovable and formidable in all she said and did.  We will miss her.

The Right Balance.

Balance means being grounded, measured, always ready to act. At Soloway Wright, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the right balance of size and expertise, collegiality and determination, community focus and global reach. That balance extends to our practice areas. While we are renowned as one of Canada’s top real estate firms, we also offer leadership across a broad range of practices from corporate finance to employment law to personal injury.

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