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Workplace Investigations

With increased demand for workplace investigation services, Soloway Wright has developed a centre of excellence, providing organizations with comprehensive investigative solutions for the modern workplace.  Our lawyers are well respected and renowned for their practice in workplace investigations.

Our Expertise

Workplace Investigations

  • Advisory services
  • Investigation planning & legal support
  • Reports and testimony
  • Experienced investigating:
    • Acts of reprisal
    • Bullying and harassment
    • Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace
    • Sexual harassment
    • Breach of workplace policies
    • Statutory violations
    • Toxic or hostile work environment
    • Workplace discrimination

Our workplace investigation lawyers have been retained by large public sector organizations, hospitals, small private businesses, large public companies, major Canadian automotive manufacturers and professional services firms to conduct complex and challenging investigations. In addition, our lawyers assist by with providing opinions to organizations on their legal responsibilities and helping guide them through the investigation process by providing investigation planning and legal support.  

We understand that when organizations retain us to conduct investigations, they will rely on those findings in making decisions, some of which come with tremendous potential liabilities.  Accordingly, we ensure that our neutrality when conducting investigations is protected and that our findings are capable of withstanding judicial scrutiny.  We have testified in proceedings to support our findings successfully.  

Many workplace investigations require urgent attention.  The investigation process can be disruptive to organizations and can lead to serious internal consequences.  Accordingly, we provide services in the evenings and the weekends and strive to provide timely results that are cost-effective and allow organizations and their legal counsel to move forward and make critical timely decisions.  We involve experienced law clerks to assist with the administrative aspects of the investigation process and to ensure exceptional reporting formats that provide concise and cost-effective investigative solutions. 

We are regularly retained by leading Canadian and International law firms to assist their clients.  We fiercely respect the referral and provide firms with the findings they require to provide advice and guidance to their  clients based on clear, objective legal conclusions.  

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