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Hollyer House: A Beacon of Hope and Community in Ottawa’s Affordable Housing Crisis

In the heart of Ottawa’s Bells Corners community stands a symbol of hope, opportunity, and love: Hollyer House. Developed by the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, this housing project embodies the spirit of compassion and community support, offering a lifeline to individuals and families facing the challenges of housing insecurity.

Hollyer House is not just a building; it’s a testament to the legacy of John Hollyer, a compassionate soul who dedicated his life to serving others. Inspired by his deep faith and commitment to helping the less fortunate, Hollyer House stands as a tribute to his selfless spirit. John’s generosity, both in life and in death, has paved the way for a project that promises to make a lasting impact on the Bells Corners community.

This 70-unit apartment building is more than just affordable housing; it’s a model of inclusivity and accessibility. With one-third of the units reserved for women and children transitioning from shelters, one-third for individuals on the Ottawa Housing List, and one-third rented at market rates, Hollyer House caters to a diverse range of needs. Moreover, special attention has been given to ensure that some units are accessible for individuals living with disabilities, ensuring that everyone has a place to call home.

But Hollyer House is not just about providing shelter; it’s about building a thriving community. The ground floor of the building hosts a range of community resources, including the FAMSAC Food Cupboard, the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre, Cornerstone Housing & Chrysalis House, and a community room open to both residents and the wider Bells Corners community. This holistic approach recognizes that true support goes beyond just providing housing—it’s about fostering connections, providing essential services, and creating a sense of belonging.

The significance of Hollyer House extends beyond its walls. As one of the corporate sponsors, Soloway Wright is committed to addressing the affordable housing crisis in Ottawa, and this partnership with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa underscores the importance of collaboration in tackling complex social issues.

For Soloway Wright, this partnership is more than just a professional obligation—it’s a reflection of their longstanding relationship with the Anglican Church. With decades of experience working with the Diocese of Ottawa, Soloway Wright’s lawyers have brought their expertise in real estate, commercial leasing, municipal, and construction law to the table, ensuring the success of projects like Hollyer House.

As Hollyer House opens its doors to welcome its first residents, it stands as a beacon of hope in a city grappling with the challenges of affordable housing. With its commitment to inclusivity, accessibility, and community engagement, Hollyer House embodies the values of compassion and solidarity that define the Bells Corners community. As we honor the legacy of John Hollyer, we are reminded of the transformative power of love and generosity in building a brighter future for all.

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