Theresa Antonietti, assisting Lawrence Soloway and Terilynn Anderson
Ext. 3181

Jannika Baird, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 4174

Cheryl Bennett, Finance

Sharon Bergland, Assistant
Ext. 2108

Jodi Blackmore, Reception
Ext. 2100

Roxanne Chapman, assisting Andre Ducasse and Ryan Garrett
Ext. 3189

Neale Chisnall, Controller
Ext. 3242

Lisa Crozier, assisting Alan K. Cohen
Ext. 4004

Ryan Darroch, Floater

Debbie Degen, assisting Donna M. Crabtree and Peter Hagen
Ext. 3027

Pam Duminy, assisting Kyle Van Schie
Ext. 2114

Helen Fraser, assisting Elizabeth A. Maiden
Ext. 3213

Shana Gardiner, assisting Sybil Johnson-Abbott
Ext. 3190

Angela Gervais, assisting Charles Honeywell
Ext. 2112

D'Arcy Guthrie, Office Assistant

Gayle Herman, Commercial Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3175

Morag Kerr, Records

Crystal Kirkpatrick, Employment Law Clerk and assisting Alan M. Riddell
Ext. 3235

Debbie Lane, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3194

Lyndsey Lawrence, assisting Richard A. McNevin
Ext. 5119

Derek Lelievre, IT
Ext 3180

Laura Lutes, Floater

Liz Maguire, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 3176

Maria Malandra, assisting Brian Roach
Ext. 3229

Jan Mathieson, Law Clerk
Ext. 3178

Heather McEwen, assisting Sanjay Srivastava
Ext. 3239

Susan Michels, assisting Christine Powell and Ashley Bennett
Ext. 4007

Kim Mills, assisting Douglas B. Kelly
Ext. 3240

Deborah Mooney, assisting Tara M. Sweeney
Ext. 2111

Allessandra Moran, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3173

Allan Read, Real Estate Clerk and assisting Charles Honeywell
Ext. 3204

Veronica Redmond, Commercial Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3192

Joann Rooke, Litigation Clerk
Ext. 3221

Jeanine Wilson, assisting Abraham Feinstein and Julia Heintzman
Ext. 3186

Sarah Sharp-Smith, assisting Brian Roach
Ext. 4005

Andrea Sheridan, Finance

Caitlin Simser, Records/Accounting

Irene Smith, Conveyancing Clerk
Ext. 3247

Tom Snell, Real Estate Clerk
Ext. 3183

Lauren Sprigings, HR/Office Manager
Ext. 3206

Jeannette St. Denis, Corporate Clerk
Ext. 3241

Debbie Taber, assisting Kenneth J. Webb and Travis A. Webb
Ext. 2019

Jo-Anne Trebinskie, assisting Richard A. McNevin and Daniel A. Coderre
Ext. 5112

Sandra Tree, assisting Douglas B. Kelly and Ursula K. Melinz
Ext. 2048

Dan Vice, Librarian
Ext. 3030

Linda Walker, assisting Iwona Albrecht and Bernie Roach
Ext. 3182

Joanne Whiteside, Finance 

Sarah Wilson, assisting Alan M. Riddell and Kenneth M. Wright
Ext. 3187