Soloway Wright has a proud history of over 60 years of successfully advising and advocating on behalf of corporate employers, individual employees, professional associations and labour unions. We enjoy a respected national reputation in this field. Nous pratiquons et nous plaidons en français comme en anglais, et sommes fiers de vous offrir des services parfaitement bilingues en matière de droit du travail.

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Unlike other law firms, which typically restrict themselves to representing either employers or employees, we represent both groups. This gives us valuable insight into the strengths, vulnerabilities and motivations of both management and labour unsurpassed by other law firms in Ottawa. Our unique, bipartisan experience also enables us to approach settlement of difficult disputes flexibly and free of ideological bias, in a manner which maximizes the benefits for our clients. 

Our Employment, Labour and Public Law Lawyers can assist you with all aspects of labour, employment or human rights matters, including:

  • Severance packages;
  • Employment contracts and employee handbooks;
  • Wrongful dismissals and unfair labour practices;
  • Disability claims and accommodations;
  • Human rights complaints and adjudications under Ontario and federal human rights legislation;
  • Workforce reorganizations and constructive dismissal claims;
  • Workplace investigations into harassment and workplace violence;
  • Employment standards compliance and adjudications under the Employment Standards Act;
  • Arbitration under the Canada Labour Code and Labour Relations Act;
  • Confidentiality agreements, non-solicitation agreements and non-competition agreements

Whatever the workplace issue, our Employment and Labour and Public Law Group will work to resolve it for you effectively and efficiently.

When, despite our best efforts, settlement proves elusive, the members of our Employment and Labour and Public Law Group are not afraid to litigate que ce soit en anglais ou en français. Our track record of winning employment litigation and human rights disputes is exemplary. 

Employment law questions cannot be responded to online but can be answered via an appointment with one of our Labour and Employment lawyers.

For more information or if you would like to discuss how Soloway Wright can assist you with an ongoing employment or labour law need, please contact and book an appointment through Crystal Kirkpatrick (613) 782-3235.

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