Student Programs

The articling and summer student programs at Soloway Wright are designed to involve our students in the day-to-day operations of the firm in a manner that develops and improves their skills and assists in the delivery of services to our clients.

As a Soloway Wright student, you will work closely with individual lawyers on files and problems, many of which involve complex legal issues. In addition, articling students may have carriage of their own files, under the supervision of a lawyer, such as small claims court matters.

An important firm objective is to recruit its new lawyers and eventual partners from the ranks of its articling students who will maintain Soloway Wright’s excellent reputation.

Our Ottawa law office typically hires two summer students and two articling students each year. Our recruitment process focuses on hiring summer students to work with the firm from May to August with the intention that these two students will return to article with us the following year.

While Soloway Wright accepts applications from prospective articling students, it does not generally conduct articling interviews given its practice of hiring of its summer students to article.

Summer student interviews are held in February of each year in accordance with the guidelines published by the University of Ottawa Career and Professional Development Centre.

View our current summer and articling students.

Student Committee

The Student Committee is made up of partners and associates and is currently chaired by Ryan Garrett and Charlie Honeywell.  The Committee is responsible for the selection and hiring of Soloway Wright’s summer and articling students. Our co-chairs act as liaisons between our students and lawyers throughout the year.

Student Evaluations and Feedback

Soloway Wright has an open door policy, and all of the lawyers within the firm are available to act as mentors.  It is our hope that our programs will provide our students with good exposure to all aspects of the firm's areas of practice coupled with a student experience commensurate with the students’ individual needs and interests.

In addition, the Student Committee co-chairs will regularly review your progress and be available to discuss matters of both a professional and general nature with you.

Continuing Education

In order to continue your legal education, the Student Committee organizes a lecture program each year consisting of a series of seminars conducted by a variety of both senior and junior lawyers on topics of interest to our students.

These lectures offer both a substantive and practical view of Soloway Wright’s areas of practice and administrative matters. They also provide a forum for questions and an opportunity for the students and lawyers of the firm to meet in an informal setting.

Salary and Remuneration

Salaries are determined at the beginning of each articling and summer period and are competitive with those paid by firms of comparable size in Ottawa. Soloway Wright also pays the fees for the Licensing Exam. Furthermore, articling students will have access during their articling year to the same benefit package enjoyed by other staff employed by the firm. Articling students are immediately eligible to enroll for our group benefits package.

Student Application Process

Soloway Wright adheres to the process and schedule set by Ottawa area law firms for recruitment of summer students and articling students.

Students applying to Soloway Wright LLP must include the following materials:

  • cover letter;
  • resume; and,
  • transcripts for all post-secondary institutions attended.

Soloway Wright does not require students to provide letters of reference or writing samples.  Applicants are asked to provide these only if asked to do so by Soloway Wright.

Students MUST provide the above listed materials as a single PDF format document.  Students are asked to submit their PDF application document electronically to: