Estate planning and administration is an area of the law that every Canadian will encounter over the course of his or her lifetime. Recognizing its importance in today’s society, the lawyers and staff of Soloway Wright’s Estate Planning and Administration Group dedicate their practices entirely to this pervasive subject. Our specialists bring years of experience to bear on both the straightforward and the complicated requirements of our clients in this area. 

One of our Estate Lawyers can assist you with:

  • Crafting wills carefully designed to help ensure a client’s wishes are carried out upon his or her death.  (Our documents frequently create trusts for minor children and disabled beneficiaries, implement probate fee and income tax planning, deal with issues presented by blended families, and otherwise address a client’s unique circumstances.);
  • Preparing powers of attorney appointing an individual (or individuals) to manage a client’s affairs in the event of incapacity;
  • Implementing estate freezes and other strategies for small business owners seeking to plan for an orderly transition to the next generation;
  • Drafting trust agreements in a wide variety of circumstances, including as part of corporate re-organizations, for income tax purposes, and to protect disabled family members;
  • Assisting executors with all aspects of estate administration, including “probating” wills, liquidating assets, making distributions to beneficiaries, and passing accounts;
  • Advising beneficiaries, executors, and others in contentious estate matters, from dependant’s relief applications, to executor disputes, to will challenges, and more;
  • Obtaining guardianship orders for mentally-incapable individuals without powers of attorney.

Assisting clients in these matters in an estate planning and administration practice can give rise to issues in other fields.  When such issues do arise, the lawyers in our group draw on the expertise, knowledge, and skills of our colleagues in Soloway Wright’s Real Estate, Business, Planning, Land Development & Expropriation, and Litigation groups.  This ensures our clients receive complete advice under one roof.  

Our Estate Planning & Administration Lawyers