The Soloway Wright Samurai Sorters

On October 14, 2016, Soloway Wright joined the fight against community hunger by participating in the Ottawa Food Bank’s Annual Food Sort Challenge.

In preparation for the challenge, the firm fundraised by hosting a pancake breakfast and raffled off beautiful gift baskets generously donated by several community organizations. The Soloway Wright Samurai Sorters walked in ready to compete with $1,195.00 in donations.

After engaging in some light stretching and a team huddle, we competed head-to-head against Gowlings WLG in a race to see who could sort through one tonne of food the fastest.

When the referee yelled Ready? Set. SORT!, the team moved to the music, sorting and separating one tonne of food in 19 minutes, and were declared the winners of the round.

We are proud to have participated in an event that aids our community and we look forward to improving our time next year.

The Food Sort Challenge is an Annual Ottawa Food Bank event that encourages competition with the aim of combatting community hunger. For more information visit:

Written by Des Teddy

Group photo from Ottawa Food Bank’s Food Sort Challenge